Winner of Youth Challenge 2010

Best Group Grand Prize won by BINARY UNIVERSITY COLLEGE

(Team 12)


Three Best Individual Award won by:

1st Prize: Nur Mariah Binti Sanusi (Binary University College)

2nd Prize: Nazirul Syafiq Bin Abdul Rahim (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

3rd Prize: Aqilah Binti Kamarudin (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)

Best Group For Each State:

Penang: Binary University College (Team 12)

1. Nurmariah Binti Sanusi
2. Norhaniza Salilah Bt Azizan
3. Muhammad Hafizuddin Bin Ab. Ghafar

Kuala Lumpur: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Team 3)

1. Muhamad Khairul Amilin
2. Mohd Hairwan Bin Mohd Nor
3. Nazirul Shafiq Bin Abdul Rahim

Malacca: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (Team 2)

1. Aqilah Binti Kamarudin
2. Abdul Halim Bin Ideris
3. Abdullah Hadi Bin Mohd Taufik

Johore: Binary University College (Team 13)

1. Galadima Nyana Caleb
2. Mumuni Yakubu Kasule
3. Bailyn Montecalvo Samad

Best Individual For Each State:

Penang: Nurmariah Binti Sanusi (Binary University College)

Kuala Lumpur: Sandish Singh Sidhu (Segi College Kuala Lumpur)

Malacca: -

Sandish Singh Sidhu

(Segi College Kuala Lumpur)

"YOUTH CHALLENGE" Do You Have What It Takes? 2010 was Officially Closed by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic & International) of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, PROF. IR Dr. MOHD AZRAAI KASSIM on 22nd December 2010 at 8:30pm
at Dewan Sultan Iskandar, Main Hall of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai.

Group Photo with all participants and committee members

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Our Partner

Hosted By: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Main Sponsor

National Sponsor: AZ Bridal & Saloon

Official Skin Care : Nanowhite (Tohtonku)

Official Public Transport : Rapid Penang

- Golden Gano Enterprise
- Federal Oats Mills Sdn. Bhd.
- Gold Choice
- Delite Juice Drink

Participating University:


Special Thanks To:
- Ministry of Highre Education (MOHE)
- UTM Office of Student's Affair & Alumni (UTM)
- Perdana College (UTM)
- Siswa Jaya College (UTM)

Charity Partner:
Perak Association For Intellectually Disabled (PAFID)

(With Full Support from Ministry Of Higher Education, Malaysia)

Food, Accommodation & Transportation will be fully provided for 13 days!!!

Grand Prize worth RM 3000 for the best group!!!

Prize worth RM 1500 for best individual!!!

Prize worth RM 1000 for 1st runner up best individual!!!

Prize worth RM 500 for 2nd runner up best individual!!!

Mystery Prize for the best individual in each state!!!

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About Us

"Youth Challenge" is an elimination game involves all universities in Malaysia. The aim of this programme is to test students' leadership, communication, teamworking and adaptibility skills. This programme will be able to give a chance to students to expose themselves to the world of business and survival skills in the "Real World". The main objective is to allow students to utilize their full potential in creative thinking and it gives a chance to student from different background to mingle themselves in the business field. We believe that it could be a very good platform for students to train themselves before they enter the working environment besides providing a healthy competition among students. Apart from that, "Youth Challenge" will indirectly boost the students' confidence, discipline and communication skills in facing challenges in the future. Want A Student Life To Be Extra-Ordinary? The programme provide you with opportunities to step out from the comfort zone and try something new. We want your life to be challenged.

"Youth Challenge" will take place in 4 states in Malaysia (Penang Island, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Johore) from 11th - 23rd December 2010. There are 4 challenges altogether and participating teams have to complete one challenge at each state. Teams that manage to avoid elimination will proceed to the next stage. Only ONE will emerge as the winner to take home the grand prize. Which team will survive? And which team will be eliminated?

First Challenge
Penang Island - 4 Days

Second Challenge
Kuala Lumpur - 3 Days

Third Challenge
Malacca - 2 Days

Last Challenge
Johore -4 Days

How Far You Can Go? The Right First Move Can Determine How Far You Can Go. Let's shape your talents for your future by participating in "Youth Challenge".


(With Full Support from Ministry Of Higher Education, Malaysia)

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Terms & Conditions

There are various universities nationwide (Private & Public University) will be given the opportunity to participate in this programme.

A university can send ONE or more team of representatives to participate in this programme.

A group must consist of 3 members to represent each participating university.

A group must consist of members from different fields and backgrounds based on 1Malaysia concept. (race, courses, etc)

All the group members are still studying in the universities and not more than 25 year old.

All the group members must be currently pursuing their studies in one of the universities in Malaysia. (Public University or Private University)

Non-Malaysian are invited to participate in this programme.

Participant must have a healthy body and free from physical ailment.
(For those who have chronic disease are not allowed to participate in this event)

Participating fee: RM 300 / Group (For 3 participants)

Transportation, food and accommodation for the whole event is fully provided by organizer.

Closing date for registration is on 22nd November 2010.

All the terms & Conditions are subjected to change if necessary

(With Full Support from Ministry Of Higher Education, Malaysia)

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Recent News

We are currently seeking for participants from all universities and colleges nationwide. If you dare to accept the challenges, kindly contact kantha (014-913 8861) / Desiree (012- 959 8871) / Nor (013-740 8184) Closing date: 22nd November 2010 ______________________________ Welcome to join our team building at 15 August 2010 at Dewan Seri Perdana from 8am to 5pm.


For any enquiries about Youth Challenge, please do email us at

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